About Me

I am originally from South London, but I am now lucky enough to split my time between London and York. I moved to York with my husband and son in 2014 and it is a city that I adore. Visually there are so many amazing backdrops and picturesque venues if you are planning to get married here.

I was a professional actor for 25 years. My acting name was Abby Ford, I trained at the Holborn Performing Arts Center and Have a BA Hons Degree in Acting from the Drama Centre London. I was represented by United Agents

When I started my photography business I started as a headshot photographer, which seemed like a natural progression from acting. I have of course tried other areas of photography, but for me people are the most interesting subjects.

I am very lucky because what started off as a passion is now my full-time job. I love my work and my aim’s are that as well as getting a professional service you also enjoy the experience.  I  create a relaxed and open space so that it is an environment that my clients can have fun in and feel safe enough to express themselves

 I think having been an actor gives me a unique understanding about what is involved in being both behind and in front of the camera. I understand what an agent or a casting directors needs might be, but I also understand how it feels to be the subject and that it is not always a comfortable experience… I hate having my photo taken! But because thats is the case I have made sure that I am not an intrusive photographer, even if it is one on one headshot session, I make sure that you don’t feel posed and uncomfortable.

Acting has has also allowed me to gain confidence in dealing with large groups of people which helps me at weddings, so you never need to worry about where people need to be… and all the vocal training means I can be heard

Whether it’s headshots or your wedding day, I want you to feel as confident and as happy as possible and to make it a relaxing and fun experience for you for everyone.





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