About Me

Originally from South London I now live in York with my husband and son

“On the day I felt that I had another family member helping to make our day so special and both my husband and I would highly recommend Abby to anyone looking for a wounderful photographer.”

Dr & Mrs Adam’s

I always loved taking photos, but I was actually a professional actor for 25 years. I think having been an actor gives me a unique understanding about what is involved in being both behind and in front of the camera. I understand what an agent or a casting directors needs might be, but I also understand how it feels to be the subject and that it is not always a comfortable experience… I hate having my photo taken! But because thats is the case I have made sure that I am not an intrusive photographer, even if it is one on one headshot session, I make sure that you don’t feel posed and uncomfortable.

When I started my photography business in 2012 I began as a headshot photographer, which seemed like a natural progression from acting. I have of course tried other areas of photography, but for me people are the most interesting subjects. Whether it’s headshots or your wedding day, my main wish is that you to feel confident and happy and that I create a relaxing, fun space in which my clients can express themselves.

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