Scottish Wedding In the Rain

This couple braved the rain and didn’t let it dampen their day. I have always thought that rain is really beautiful in wedding photos and actually I don’t mind an umbrella or three

Abby Warren Photographyuntitled2237



I love this image of one of my brides and one of her bridesmaid…. pure love and happiness in this photo

Love from above


This was a glorious wedding held at Little Park House in Shepperton Studios. This photos is natural light and taken from a beautiful balcony above the brides. One of my favourite photographs

Confetti Walk


Such a great wedding in the beautiful back streets of York with Hannah and Huw on a very rainy day. The bad weather made no difference to this cool couple, who took it all in their stride. A fun day had by all!

Bride Magazine Photo of the week

A&T B&W-29c

This week’s winner is Abby Warren Photography with this fun-filled umbrella shot of Aimee Cowen and Tara Louviere at Monkton Wyld Court in Dorset.

The image will feature as Bride’s Facebook cover photo for this week, and on the Facebook pages of its portfolio of Bride titles nationwide from Dorset, Wiltshire & Hampshire Bride to Norfolk & Suffolk Bride. Don’t forget to follow us on Bride’s Facebook page.

Like what you see? You can see more of Abby’s work here:


Tower Bridge

J&S All Colour-356-2

The Grand


Preparing for your headshot session


If you have a headshot session coming up be good to yourself. Don’t go out drinking the week before, drink plenty of water and get those early nights. That all sounds very boring I know, but your headshot is your calling card so if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Be good to yourself.


As soon as you have to get up early and be well rested for your session you will of course not sleep a wink. If you don’t have to work that day ask for a later appointment as it means that if that happens you’ll at least get a nap in or maybe get a chance to chill out before. It is all psychological so it might be enough not keep you up late.


Colour headshots are much more fashionable now, so we are able to experiment more. It’s always good to bring something white and something black, but I always encourage my clients to bring colours. Pattern’s are also not a problem and as long as logos are not too complicated, as they can be edited out after, then bring those too. Select items that have interesting and differing necklines and layering items is also a good bet.

Think about your casting… this doesn’t mean you need to come dressed as a police officer, but we want to capture a range of possible castings. If you are not sure bring it all with you… better to bring more rather than less.


Some make up is very useful, but some it can also be a photographers nightmare to edit, especially if it’s not done well. Natural make up is what we want in a professional actors headshot.

EYES My focus is always the eyes so some mascara and matte eye shadow is great.

EYEBROWS this is a big bugbear for me… the trend is to have block eyebrows and although it may look nice it is far too modern and is too much of a statement and will leave you out of any period castings. Please keep your eyebrows natural.

LIPS A lip stain is better than a lipstick, but if you are going to use lipstick a matte one is preferred and make sure it is of a nude or natural tone.

SKIN It’s good to keep you skin hydrated, but be aware that your skin should not look too shiny. I know it is horrible if you feel your skin is not being great, but part of our skill set is we can edit spots and blemishes so please don’t worry. If you really find it hard to be completely natural then just keep it light… it’s always a good idea to take your makeup with you anyway and that way you and the photographer can discuss it.

HAIR if you have long hair bring whatever you will need to change your hairstyles.

MEN it’s well worth bringing your shaving equipment along so that you can get with and without facial hair should you want to.


Although being relaxed is important it is also true that a headshot session is part of your job, so treat it like work and bring it! It can also help if you hate having your photo taken, as it gives you the kind of focus you have in an audition. It is completely normal for actors to feel vulnerable in a session as they are not used to performing as themselves… So don’t think of it as you being you. Switch on. Not all nerves are bad, so don’t worry if you feel anxious, just embrace it and focus. Part of our job is to help you relax… I absolutely hate having my photo taken, but a good photographer will make it relaxed and fun for you.


In an industry where there are a growing number of actors every year, it is more important than ever to stand out. The things you hate about yourself maybe the very things that make you different. We all want to be seen as beautiful, that’s natural, but confidence is the most attractive quality.

If you have a scar don’t let them Photoshop it. I hear so often ‘I don’t like that side of my face’ or ‘my nose is too big’… We are our own worst critics and the things you hate about yourself might be exactly what others love about you.

Embrace the things you hate and have fun!


5 tips on choosing a headshot photographer


Here are a few helpful tips on choosing your new headshot photographer

1 – Do a bit of research online

If your agent or friends haven’t already recommended someone you can do a simple search online in your area. Ask others actors for the photographers information if you like their headshot and once you have a shortlist go to the photographers website’s and just make sure the rest of their portfolio is of the same standard. Headshot Hunters is a great way to compare and search in your area.

2 – Talk to the photographer beforehand

You should feel comfortable with the photographer you will be working with, so take the time to give them a call. It’s a complete myth that actors love having their photos taken and in my experience it’s uncomfortable for most, me included, and you need to feel relaxed. You should be able to work out pretty quickly if you’ll get on and all good photographers will be happy to answer any questions you have beforehand.

3 – How much should it cost?

Headshot prices vary, but just remember this is an IMPORTANT INVESTMENT in your career. I know money can be tight sometimes, but a headshot is the tool to get you noticed, they are a necessity, so it’s more than worth the money. You don’t need to pay £400, but neither should you be paying £50. If you scrimp on your photographer you’ll end up paying more later when you need a new set of photos.

4 – Natural verses Studio light

All photographers have different ways of working with different equipment that suits them. I prefer to use natural light source because natural light is more flattering and even. I do however have and use studio lighting when needed and I would recommend finding someone that uses both as it shows flexibility and knowledge.

Now this is only my opinion, but I have heard it echoed by casting directors… I believe headshots should focus on you, the actor, and not a trendy backdrop/setting… If we are looking at the fancy background we are not looking at you.

5 – How long should a session be?

When you call your potential photographer ask them how long the session is… Part of my job is getting to know a bit about you and what you are looking for. My sessions have no time limit, but they naturally take approximately 2 hours. Make sure you choose a photographer that won’t rush you so you are going to be provided with a relaxed environment in which to work.

Happy headshot hunting!

Spotlight the professional actors catalogue for casting directors and industry also has a lot of information on guidelines.
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Choosing the right wedding Photographer for you.

Abby Warren Photography:38Choosing the right wedding photographer for your special day is a completely personal choice that is based on the style of their photographs, cost, location, or a combination of all three. This blog will hopefully contain some helpful tips when considering who you would like to capture your day and also give you some ideas about what to ask the photographers you are considering.


Cost is a major factor for most people when choosing a wedding photographer which is completely understandable. Every photographer has a different price range, but be aware that the cheaper end of the scale may have a lot to do with lack of experience and quality of work. It doesn’t necessarily need to cost the earth, but it is worth doing your research and comparing different photographers work and pricing.

At short notice it is very difficult for photographers to find replacement work so a non-refundable deposit is completely normal, however it is important to find out what the photographers payment plans are and how much, if any, is refundable should you need to cancel or rearrange… I know it doesn’t sound very romantic, but a lot can happen in a year or two and if there was some reason that the wedding couldn’t go ahead as planned you maybe left out-of-pocket.

Double check that whichever package you choose has no hidden costs and includes VAT and postage and packaging.

I travel all over the country, as do most photographers, but maybe at an extra cost depending on distance and accommodation should they need it, so definitely check if you have a photographer that you love who is based outside the desired location.

On a smaller note… some photographers require that you put lunch or dinner on for them and although they will eat away from guests, its worth checking.

Abby Warren Photography:17


Photography is like any form of art in that the style will vary hugely depending on the artist and it is all about your personal taste. Some photographers will use a mixture so as to maximise coverage and variety for the couples album, but generally there are three main styles.

TRADITIONAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY – This is mainly focused is on set-up or posed shots. There are benefits here in terms of making sure you have group photographs of family and friends that you wouldn’t otherwise get. The downside is that it is very time-consuming and can eat into the day and you will get very little in the way of natural, candid shots.

DOCUMENTARY STYLE PHOTOGRAPHY – Also known as reportage, candid or journalistic, this is the most natural form of photography and often suits couples who don’t enjoy having their photos taken and prefer a more relaxed approach to their day. The negatives are that you may miss out on the group shots so it is important to ask your photographer if that is possible.

EDITORIAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY – This is quite like traditional or classic wedding photography in that it is posed and can be time-consuming, but it is more modern. The photographer will concentrate on surroundings, backdrop and lighting and your photos will have an editorial, fashion shoot look.

Think about how you would like your day to flow and which style reflects you best as a couple.

Abby Warren Photography:6


Most photographers will travel, but there are of course benefits to hiring a photographer that is local to the ceremony and reception locations. Local photographers will have knowledge of the area and all the hidden gems and will also probably already have a working relationship with many of the vendors and venues. If your photographer is coming from outside the area or has never been to your venue check that they will be going there prior to your date, so that they can get a feel for the place beforehand.

If you live outside the area where the wedding is taking place why not set up meetings with potential photographers whilst you are booking venues.

Abby Warren Photography:48


It is one of the most special days in your life so make sure that you meet your photographer beforehand. I always think the photographer should be like an extra guest and not some strange person on the outside. Taking amazing photos is obviously the most important part, but they also need to communicate clearly, calmly and should be good with people. The better they get on with everyone the better and more personal the photos will be. If it isn’t possible to meet because of location or clash of work at least do a Skype call so that you can get a proper idea about the energy of your photographer.

I always post a few photos on social media and on online, but I have chosen not to put my couples entire day on my website, the reason being that I believe it’s a very personal thing which should be kept private, so this is one of the things I am able to do with my potential clients in person. It’s also an opportunity to see samples of anything contained within you package and the quality of them, such as albums, USB’s, boxes and prints.

Abby Warren Photography:7


We are definitely an industry that is all about future bookings, but there is a fear that’s been instilled in couples that if they don’t book now, then they will miss out and not find anyone. Of course if you have a particular photographer in mind it’s probably wise to book them sooner rather than later, but not everyone plans a wedding that far in advance. Don’t feel pushed into booking, there is not a shortage of great wedding photographers, so don’t panic and it’s always worth checking because they may have had a cancellation or simply have your date free.