2hr sessions. NO RUSH. NO STRESS

Professional Actors – £180.00

STUDENTS/UNDER 16S – £150.00

“The photo shoot itself was relaxed without time limit and Abby encouraged me to try as many different looks as I wanted. She made me feel comfortable and attractive and offered just the right amount of guidance. When I received the photographs, they exceeded my expectations. They are modern, flattering and show great variety and I have had so many compliments from friends and industry professionals. I have been recommending Abby to other actors ever since!

Sam Hopkins



If you have a headshot session coming up be good to yourself. Don’t go out drinking the week before, drink plenty of water and get those early nights. That all sounds very boring I know, but your headshot is your calling card so if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Be kind to your mind and body.


As soon as you have to get up early and be well rested for your session you will of course not sleep a wink. If you don’t have to work that day ask for a later appointment as it means that if that happens you’ll at least get a nap in or maybe get a chance to chill out before. It is psychological so it might be enough not keep you up late.


It’s always good to bring something white and something black, but I always encourage my clients to bring colours and pattern’s. Select items that have interesting and differing necklines and layering items is also a good bet.

Think about your casting… this doesn’t mean you need to come dressed as a police officer, but we want to capture a range of possible castings. If you are not sure bring it all with you… better to bring more rather than less.


It is completely normal for actors to feel vulnerable in a session as they are not used to performing as themselves… So don’t think of it as you being you. Switch on. Not all nerves are bad, so don’t worry if you feel anxious, just embrace it and focus. Being relaxed is important and a good photographer will make sure it’s relaxed and fun.


In an industry where there are a growing number of actors every year, it is more important than ever to stand out. The things you hate about yourself maybe the very things that other people love and that make you different.


Some make up is very useful, but some it can also be a photographers nightmare to edit, especially if it’s not done well. Natural make up is what we want for a professional actors headshot so keep it light and fresh and add when then if needed.

EYES – My focus is always the eyes so some mascara and matte eye shadow is great.

EYEBROWS – natural, natural, natural

SKIN – It’s good to keep you skin hydrated, but be aware that your skin should not look too shiny. I know it is horrible if you feel your skin is not being great, but part of our skill set is we can edit spots and blemishes so please don’t worry. If you really find it hard to be completely natural then just keep it light… it’s always a good idea to take your makeup with you anyway and that way you and the photographer can discuss it.

HAIR – Bring whatever you will need to change hairstyles throughout.

MEN – If you have a beard it’s well worth bringing your shaving equipment along so that you can get with and without facial hair should you want to.

5 tips on choosing a headshot photographer

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