Although I completely agree that you don’t want to end up with a picture that doesn’t look anything like you I also think its important to have a photograph that makes you look your best, something that gets you in the door, something you are proud of, so yes, I do touch up (air brush) the photographs. It’s exactly the same as an actor having a makeup artist on standby while they film, however, they are for you and if you have strong feelings about them being completely natural then we can talk about this before and while I edit


There is no time limit on the session, but you should allow at least 2 hours, so that we can have a cup of tea and a chat and I can find out about you and your casting. Feeling uncomfortable and the pressure of needing to relax for your headshot is completely normal and you’d be surprised how many performers hate having their pictures taken and that includes me, but you don’t have to do a thing because its my job to help you relax and get the best pictures for you.

We will have a cuppa and a chat and talk through the clothes you have brought with you.

I use predominantly natural light as it is far more flattering, so we will work outside as long as the weather allows. If we have heavy rain we will move indoors and use studio lighting.


As there is a new trend in colour photos choosing what you wear during the session is even more important now. You should bring at least 4 options and they should all be different colours, with different neck lines.

Please do not choose anything with logos or advertising and nothing too busy as it can be distracting to the eye and the focus must be you. We can try lots of different outfits so bring as many as you like. If you like something but you’re unsure as you think it may not work just bring it as its surprising what works sometimes

Men – If you have facial hair it might be good to have shots of you with and without so if that is something you want to do please bring your shaving stuff

Ladies – think about hair styles both up and down and bring any accessories you will need

I would ask all actors to keep makeup as natural as possible. Of course we want to see your personality, but I think its important to allow the casting directors and directors to come to their own conclusions about who you are and what they see.

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After the session I will choose 30 photos which will be uploaded to a private site for you to view. You will choose 5 for me to edit that you will receive in both colour and B&W (high-resolution). You will not see them during or at the end of the session and there are a few different reason’s for this is

I know what it’s like to stare at hundreds of photos of yourself and not know the difference. Handing over control can be a good thing, as I might select something that you wouldn’t normally choose for yourself. I have years of experience as a headshot photographer, but also an actor so you can trust me. I find that showing people photos during the session makes them become more aware of themselves and not in a positive way… we all have ideas about what we think our best side is, but its my job to capture all sides… So I whittle it down to a number that’s manageable. What makes me different from other photographers is the amount of photos I edit at no extra cost. If you do wish to have more than 5 photos it is £25 per photo.

For 5 helpful tips on choosing the right headshot photographer for you take a look at my quick guide

Actress Headshot

Headshot Prices

Professional Adult Headshots  – £200.oo in London

                                                            – £150.oo in York

 Professional Child Headshots – £150.oo (16 under)

 Student Headshots – £150.oo (Currently training) in London and York

I have partnerships with two acting agencies in the South-East so if you are connected to them then you will be eligible to receive a group discount

The Young Actors Group https://theyoungactorsgroup.com

The Hunt Academy http://www.thehuntacademy.co.uk

Please email me or call me Contact to arrange a date and time for your headshot session.

 * A £25.oo non-refundable deposit must be paid when booking to cover costs incurred. I understand that auditions arise but this is part of your business and its a commitment you make. It will be deducted from the total which is payable on the day either by bank transfer or cash. In the unlikely event that i need to cancel I will either refund it to you or it will go towards an alternative date.

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