I have bases in London and York, but I travel all over the UK as a wedding photographer.


cropped-blog1.pngI provide a friendly, calm and professional service. It is always an honour to be a photographer at a wedding, so I take my role very seriously. I want to blend in with your guests and I am definitely on hand if someone needs help attaching a buttonhole. For most of the time I will be at the edges discreetly capturing every special moment, even ones you may not have noticed, so that you are left with true and faithful memories of your happy day and ones that reflect you as a couple.

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cropped-blog1.pngI always insist, if the schedule allows, on taking the couple off somewhere quiet and away from prying eyes, so that I can take some more intimate shots. If you are someone who is not overly keen on having your photo taken please don’t worry as I make it my business to make sure everyone is relaxed and having fun.

I treat every couple differently and will fit in with your wishes, so that you are provided with a bespoke service. I am very adaptable so whatever vision you have for your day and be flexible if that’s what is needed.

If it is a venue I have not been to before I will make sure I spend time there getting a feel for light and settings before the ceremony. I arrive earlier than the time we have agreed so that you are relaxed knowing I am there. This also gives me the chance to introduce myself to all of the necessary people who are taking part in your wedding.

A&T B&W-29c

Winner of Photo of the Week in Bride Magazine 10/09/2018


cropped-blog1.pngYour photos will be edited and presented to you on a beautiful presentation site and you can view an example album here.

Your page is password protected, but you can share your password with friends and family should you wish to. All files will be sent to you in high-resolution on a personalised, wooden USB along with a matching presentation box with 10 6×4 prints if this is in your package otherwise they can be downloaded from the site once editing is complete. You will receive all the photos on your page in colour and black and white

I don’t offer albums as it is an extra cost to my clients and I think it is best for you to decide what you would like to do with your photographs once you have them and go directly to the company of your choice. Album costs vary hugely depending on the different companies and the quality of the products so I believe it is best to leave that to you to discover, but I am happy to offer advice.

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cropped-blog1.pngI am always happy to meet up with my clients in person before they book my services as I know for many people it is really important to them that their photographer is someone who they want to share their special day with.

If you did want to book me as your photographer and I had your date free you would be expected to pay a non-refundable deposit to secure the your date. Once that has been received I will send out a welcome Pack containing your contract, a couples form, couples check list, more information about my services and some other fun bits.

Abby Warren Photography:25


As a matter of privacy for my couples I do not post entire weddings on here, but I can show you a whole day on meeting. You can also visit Pixieset which is the site I use for my clients to view a sample album.

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