Throughout the day she helped keep me calm, collected and smiling as wedding nerves started to get the better of me. Capturing the moments I seemed to miss as the wedding day flew by, Abby ran around quietly and professionally, focussing on the best lighting and angles for the wedding party. The photos are beyond what I was expecting. Abby captured the pastel theme, my goregous family, friends and Husband. We will cherish the photos forever

Sophie Janson


I am chatty and anyone can grab me for a pic or if they need a hand attaching a buttonhole. My main goal on the day is to blend in with your guests and this way everyone is relaxed and I am able to get natural photos that reflect your day accurately. If plans change on the day don’t worry I am flexible and always am always ready to go with the flow.

For most of the time I will be at the edges discreetly capturing every special moment, even ones you may not have noticed. If you are someone who is not overly keen on having your photo taken please don’t worry as I make it my business to make sure everyone is relaxed and having fun.


From the moment you contact me I am invested in getting to know about your day and about who you are as a couple… the more i take the time to know who you are the more that will be reflected in your images. It is so important that you choose the right photographer for your day, so whom ever you choose to share this inimate experience, make sure that its not only their work that you like.

I hear so many couples say that they were at a wedding and the whole day was taken up with photography… I want you and your family to enjoy the day you have spent so long planning while I take photo’s of you. Thats not to say we wont spend some time doing group photos if you wish, but I am more interested in capturing you enjoying the company of friends and family.


As soon as I return from your wedding the work continues. Your Photos are uploaded and I start the process of selecting the images. A few days after your wedding I will provide you with a sneak peek of your photos on a private site. Your page is password protected, but you can share your password with friends and family should you wish to.

Once I have edited your photographs all your files will uploaded to your page. You will receive all the photos in colour and black and white. Your family and friends will also be allowed to download them at no extra charge if you would like.


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