Confetti Shot

If you’re planning a confetti shot there are a couple of things to consider… Make sure to ask the venue if they have a preference as to where they would like this to happen. Also most venues will require you use biogedradble or sustainable confetti now, so best to go with these options if you’re unsure.

You can make your own real flower confetti or there are tons of places online like FlowerConfettiUK. The one thing with using real confetti is that because its much heavier it doesn’t float as well when thrown for a confetti shot.

For biodegradable confetti there are lots of companies online, but my personal favourite is Proper Confetti because of their large selection of colours to match any wedding theme.

Confetti cannons are a great way to get way fill a shot after the ceremony or during the first dance

Your photographer should know this, but another tip is to get your guests to throw it up in the air rather than in the face haha



I love this image of one of my brides and one of her bridesmaid…. pure love and happiness in this photo

Love from above


This was a glorious wedding held at Little Park House in Shepperton Studios. This photos is natural light and taken from a beautiful balcony above the brides. One of my favourite photographs